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Dunham Lake The Finest Chocolate “Godiva"


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On July 12, 2017 we had a very rare colored Australian Terrier born at Dunham Lake Australian Terriers. A Chocolate Aussie puppy. We are documenting her well, should others in the breed experience such a rare puppy. She was a result of an accidental breeding where the sire and dam both carried the small b for brown gene. It is a recessive gene and she came out of a litter of 10, the rest were blue tan.

The only written evidence that such a color existed was written about in the Australian Terrier History and Origins by Pamela McDougall Douglas. In 1956 a breeder in Victoria was cross color breeding and discovered puppies that appeared to be this color. Unfortunately her research was cut short when she passed away in 1995. *direct quote from the book listed above. There have been Chocolate colored Aussies noted in England and Scandinavia in 1989. No other records or firm data exists beyond this writing. In all other ways, this puppy is healthy, normal and IMO beautiful.

If other breeders have or know of other purebred Brown/Tan Australian Terriers, I would love to talk to you. She has been DNA tested and she carries the recessive double small b gene for brown, so she is most definitely a brown/tan Australian Terrier 100%. Her DNA has been tested for the dilute gene, which she DOES NOT carry. The Australian Terrier Club of America's board voted on this and it was the unanimous decision of the board. that while the breed standard does not include brown/tan, they agreed she must be registered her true color. She is fully registered with the AKC as the first and only brown/tan Australian Terrier, as to register her as any other color would be to falsify AKC records.


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Godiva was shown at her first show ever in Canada under the highly esteemed AKC Judge Mr. Robert Shreve.

She was awarded Best Puppy, Best of Winners and Winners Bitch for her first CKC points. His comments along with other judges who evaluated her, was she is exceptional. He could have cared less about her color. She moves like a dream and her conformation is outstanding.

Godiva had her first litter May 1, 2022, with sire Webe, all blue/tan, healthy, 4 males and 4 females.