Dunham Lake Australian Terriers


About Us

We are located in a small northwestern city in Wisconsin, called Siren. Along with our Australian Terriers we have three cats and two Great Pyrenese, where they enjoy the country living.
 We are an AKC Breeder of Merit, breeding and showing top ranked show dogs and loving family companions. Our dogs are all health and temperament tested in accordance with our breed standard recommended testing.

In 2005, we discovered the Australian Terrier and fell in love with this charming little dog. In 2007 we fulfilled our dream , initially my daughter Ellie’s dream to one day show a dog at the Westminster dog show, she accomplished her dream and more. Our goal was to learn how to show and eventually raise healthy, well socialized Australian Terriers. This dream would never have been realized without my daughter’s Lydia and Ellie, dedication and excellent handling skills.
I currently serve as the Secretary of the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club and I am an AKC Delegate.

We have breed over 30 AKC Champions, or Grand Champions, Multi-Best In Show Winning, AKC Grand Champions, Champions, Muti-Group Winners, Reserve Best in Show, UKC Reserve Best in Show or Champions in training! But all are our loving companions. Many shown with their natural tails as we stopped docking 10 years ago. This sport has been a wonderful family activity that we enjoyed as often as possible. Our daughters were top ranked Junior handlers, now they are grown and have their own families, other interests or just not much free time anymore to show as we once did. I also enjoy stewarding ringside, volunteering when I can, it's been a great learning experience seeing how things work from the inside out.

We hope to be a helpful resource for others interested in the Australian Terrier Breed because there was very limited information available to us when we discovered them. Now with the breed so rare and dwindling every year, it’s important that those of us that want to preserve the breed, have the time and resources to breed properly and raise puppies to be well socialized, continue to do so.

We are grateful to our many friends and to the Judges who have evaluated our dogs. Most of all thank God for His many blessings. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit, Secretary of our Kennel club, Best Bred by Exhibitor of Australian Terriers at Eukanuba, and Breeder of two Best in Show Australian Terriers and co-owner of a Multi- Best in Show Australian Terriers. We have been awarded Multiple times Best of Breed at Westminster as well as Best of Breed at the largest terrier show, Montgomery All Terrier Show.

Our Home

We have bred puppies that live all over the world, but we DO NOT ship.

If you are interested in a puppy from us, you can fly or drive to us, we are most accommodating and make your stay with us, very comfortable, in our guest house on Dunham Lake.

We live in beautiful Northwestern Wisconsin. We have 11 dogs that live with us, 9 of them are Australian Terriers,  2 Great Pyrenees, 3 cats, and some chickens. Our puppies are very well socialized with children, cats and dogs.

Our Philosophy

We have bred many incredible Australian Terriers over the years. We have achieved more than we ever thought possible. Hard work, dedication, not cutting corners, stay the course, and breed good dogs, you will go far.

Our dogs get to do what dogs like to do, run around our large fenced yard and at times get to go hunting for vermin on our 100 acres in the country. We DO NOT have or run a kennel not now not ever.

All of our Aussies are great with the elderly and young children; as well as cats and other large dogs. That’s what a well-bred DL Aussie is all about.

About Me

Over 20 years ago, I retired from a long term banking career, in Minnesota, as the Business Development Directer and VP of commercial lending, to stay home and be a full-time mother to my three daughters.

I currently serve as the Secretary of the CMKC and AKC Delegate. I also serve as a volunteer in the capacity of President to the  Domestic Animal Wellness and Wildlife Rescue veterinary clinic.

We continue to breed and show when I’m not spending time with my grandson and as time allows.