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Australian Terrier Breed Information

Breed Standard, Vaccination Protocol, Grooming Tips and more.

Breed information

Breed Standard

The Australian Terrier Standard was amended April 2021, to include both Natural and Docked Tails as optional and no longer an exception to the standard.

Health Information

Vaccination Protocol

Important not to start vaccinations too early. Follow the protocol in the link above as recommended by Dr. Ronald Schultz DVM.

Minimal vaccinations, not annual boosters, titer test to confirm immunity every three years if you don’t think your dog has life-time immunity after their first one year booster or titer.

Health Information


Not until their growth plates and hormones are finished growing at the minimum, 12-18 months at the soonest.

Health Information

Feeding your Aussie

Raw or kibble, are both acceptable options, raw is always best if you can make our own food or purchase it ready made. If you choose this route I highly recommend this book and follow the instructions making sure your dogs diet includes a well balanced diet. Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs. For kibble we feed our dogs, or a dehydrated quality food option, click on the feeding your Aussie link above.

Health and Breed Information

Choosing an Australian Terrier

Ethical breeders health test for all the appropriate health tests for their breed. You can check on OFA.org to check the tests we do and if the breeder in fact does health test and what the results are.

Puppies routinely never leave prior to 12 weeks old and are NEVER shipped to new families, ever. Puppy Culture is a great resource for breeders, especially new to breeding.

Health Information

Flea and Tick Preventative 

Go natural if you can, any kind of oral Flea and Tick tablets or chewables, personally, I would never give to my dogs.

Education and Outreach

If you would like a free copy of our new Australian Terrier Guide Book from Dunham Lake Australian Terriers, please click on this link and down load your free copy.

It includes information about the origin of the Aussie, as well as training, nutrition, stages of puppy development, grooming and just about everything to help you rear your Aussie puppy.

I'm a huge advocate for sharing as much information as possible to new owners about the breed. Each of our puppies leave with a copy along with our puppy care package which include their AKC puppy registration already recorded with the AKC.

Never hesitate to contact me.