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As a preservation breeder of Australian Terriers, we have been dedicated to maintaining the health and temperament of this amazing breed since 2007 in Northwestern, WI. Our reputation for breeding quality dogs has spread worldwide, and we take pride in being recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit, AKC Delegate, CMKC Secretary and actively involved in our local
Kennel club.

Our focus is on producing top-ranked Australian Terriers for conformation and performance, with numerous Best in Show winners and well-socialized puppies as wonderful family companions. We have bred over 30 AKC Champions and Grand Champions, including award winning Aussies abroad. Our bred by Aussies have achieved many firsts in AKC Performance titles for the breed, showcasing the versatility of our dogs.

We are committed to preserving and protecting the unique and rare Australian Terrier breed, emphasizing the importance of our work in maintaining the breed's integrity and standards. Visit our show news and performance pages to learn more about our accomplishments. Also to learn more about the exceptional qualities and the best way to care for this wonderful breed, visit our educational pages.

Find out more about the breed and about us. Our website is meant to be as much as an educational site to others as it is to let others know more about our breeding program. Click on photo’s below for more information in the specific category.

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