Dunham Lake Australian Terriers


2022 Current Performance News! 

Breeder of the 2022 AKC “Trick Dog” competition winner... ARCHX TDGCH Dunham Lake Maid in Wisconsin CDX PC DX BN RE SWN SW HDN CGC TKE CD-CRL3 AOE RL1X RL2X RATI “Maddie”. 

The first and only Australian Terrier to achieve this honor. Click here to watch her public video.

Owned and fabulously trained by Muriel McMullen.

Dunham Lake LunaTrick "Finnick" BCAT SWM SDW ADP LEVEL 1 CSS-L5 RATS ELT-1 ELT-2

Finnick and his owner/ trainer Beth Moon, they are on a roll. He is the first Australian Terrier to earn his ELT 1 & 2 only a few points away from his ELT 3! Two back to back 1st places in elite is pretty rare. I actually don’t know anyone that has pulled that off. Here are some of the video’s from this big day for Finnick his owner Beth Moon,his breeder, me and for the Australian Terrier breed! Making more firsts! What a team! Photo and video's courtesy of his owner/handler Beth Moon. 

Finnick Elite Schaumberg, IL 11/12/22
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Int'l CH Dunham Lake Sticky Beak  CDX PCDX BN GN GO RM RAE NAP NJP CGCA CUCU TKE VSWB RL1 RL2AOE RL3 AOE ATD PKD-N  W-PFD-MF  W-PFD HTM. W-FD HTM W-FD MF  W-FDX/HTM W-FDX/MF W-FDM HTM  W-FDM-MF  W-SSFD MF.  W-SSFD HTM “Webe” (owned, trained and loved by Ruthann McCaulley)

Webe makes more first’s for our breed, November 2022.

WHAT A DAY and the Canyons Cluster in Tucson!! It started out with a Q (our 2nd) in Utility/A and a first place.That was followed by a first in Open B and a first place. With that I had won High Combined. I was almost ready to cry I was so excited - and shanking. The score from Open put me in the running for High in Trial but we had to wait until the end to see.We'd done it - both HC and HIT. My little red kangaroo got it all together today and really put on a show. It was a pleasure to show to Judge Curt Curtis again, we showed to him way back in Novice. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their encouragement and support - what a great group of people we have in this sport.And special thank you to a lady ringside just watching (but she has a Xolo she's going to show in rally) who took photos for me. And to my wonderful husband Ray, who stayed until the end today. Webe adores Ray and will spend all his time looking out of the ring to find him - and has on occasion run out of the ring to get to him. SO the poor man has to hide out and rarely if ever gets to see anything we do in the ring.