Dunham Lake Australian Terriers


Dunham Lake LunaTrick Finnick BCAT SWM SDW ADP LEVEL 1 CSS-L5 RATS ELT-1 ELT 2

Owned by: Beth Moon

Finnick’s favorite game is Nosework and his spunky attitude and his work ethic has made him a great team mate. In April of 2022 Finnick became the first Australian Terrier to earn his AKC Detective title. In May of 2022 Finnick was the first Australian Terrier to earn his CPE Champion title, earning a large Q-tip for his efforts. In NACSW Finnick was the first Australian Terrier to earn the ELT-1 title and he continues to be the dog to beat in many competitions earning many placement awards.
Finnick is full of personality and he enjoys being the nosework clown and making the crowd laugh at his antics. Being a dramatic terrier, he will often jump on the picnic table or bench to turn those high hides into ground hides and he thinks he should earn some style points for his efforts. Even though he is a goofball, his speed always impresses.
Finnick currently holds 50 performance titles and counting in Nosework, Scentwork, Barn Hunt, FastCat and Parkour. We are working with our coach to train for our NACSW Summit title which is a multiple day intense Nosework competition with only the top 20% of dogs titling. Finnick just loves to compete and is always ready to learn something new.

So very proud of Dunham Lake LunaTrick "Finnick" BCAT SWM SDW ADP LEVEL 1 CSS-L5 RATS ELT-1 ELT-2 and his owner/ trainer Beth Moon, they are on a roll. He is the first Australian Terrier to earn his ELT 1 & 2 only a few points away from his ELT 3! Two back to back 1st places in elite is pretty rare. I actually don’t know anyone that has pulled that off. Here are some of the video’s from this big day for Finnick his owner Beth Moon, his breeder, me and for the Australian Terrier breed! Making more firsts! What a team! Photo and video's courtesy of his owner/handler Beth Moon.

Finnick Elite Schaumberg, IL 11/12/22
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