Dunham Lake Australian Terriers


GCH Dunham Lake Goody Two Shoes “Judy” AX AXJ CGC TKA

Owned by: Samantha VanBuren and Theresa Goiffon

Judy and her trainer Sam are a sight to behold. They are a great team and worked hard together. Judy knows over 100 tricks and has many YouTube video’s that are worth checking out! I adore her owner Sam as much as I adore Judy. Judy was shown in Junior Handling as well as regular classes. She participated in Westminster as well as the 2014 World Show in Finland. Very proud of this duo.

First Multiple group placing Australian Terrier in the USA with a natural tail.

Judy was a wonderful dam to a litter of 4 beautiful puppies. One, Bohdi is active in agility like his mom.

Just one of many many videos, not to mention her famous "Who Pooped in the Kitchen" video that made it to Funniest Home Videos, you can find on youtube under
Sunny and Judy by Samantha VanBuren